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Digibyte (DGB)

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DigiByte has been focused on cyber security from the start. Officially launched in 2014 on January 10th.

The DigiByte Blockchain is perfectly positioned towards building a secure and decentralized digital future with its unique combination of problem solving experience, pioneering new innovations and resilience through 4 full-time years of development.

Multi Algorithm Mining
DigiByte was one of the first and currently active blockchains to hard fork from a single mining algorithm to 5 mining algorithms.

The community of Digibyte is one of the largest within the altcoins scene. Many lovers and many haters. It’s a hot topic – that’s safe to say.


In 2016 the price was below 0.001USD. In the meantime it has increased to 0.06USD and back to 0.015USD. Volatile? Yes. But certainly room for growth. Check it out here.

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