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Digibyte (DGB)

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DigiByte has been focused on cyber security from the start. Officially launched in 2014 on January 10th. The DigiByte Blockchain is perfectly positioned towards building a secure and decentralized digital future with its unique combination of problem solving experience, pioneering new innovations and resilience through 4 full-time years of development.

Fun facts
– DigiByte was one of the first and currently active blockchains to hard fork from a single mining algorithm to 5 mining algorithms
– By combining advancements in DigiByte Blockchain technology with Artificial Intelligence, Digibyte is exploring new innovations in automation and data analysis
– DigiByte Blockchain technology can be leveraged and applied to applications, fixing 90% of the most common vulnerabilities affecting the internet today

The community of Digibyte is one of the largest within the altcoins scene. Many lovers and many haters. It’s a hot topic – that’s safe to say.


1-1-2017 the price was below 0.000254 USD. 1 year later (1-1-2018) price increase by 26.681% to 0.068480 USD. Volatile? Yes. But certainly still room for growth. Check it out here.

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